Springfield University Cloud Migration Project Plan University of Maryland Globa

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Springfield University Cloud Migration
Project Plan
University of Maryland Global Campus
ITEC 640 9040
June 18, 2022
Project Descriiption (Karlie)
Springfield University is facing challenges with today’s increasingly-remote needs of faculty and students. This trend is likely to continue into the future, as it is expected that the amount of remote jobs in the United States will double by 2025 (Ozimek, 2020). The university desires to alleviate as many problems as possible that are currently being caused due to the amount of their information technology infrastructure that is physically located on the Springfield campus, as well as the dependency on desktop software installations. Application rates of both students, faculty, and IT staff have stagnated in the last few years when compared with local competing colleges.

Springfield University currently hosts and maintains their own mail, calendar and file servers, which provide email and calendar services, and file storage to thousands of students and faculty. The active management of these servers requires members of their IT staff to be onsite 24/7 for around the clock support. Over the years, the costs associated with updating and maintaining these servers has grown costly. Springfield university desires to tackle these issues, and reduce the operating costs of their IT infrastructure while also improving accessibility and security. Our team has been tasked with migrating Springfield University’s current local IT infrastructure to web-hosted solutions, lowering the average cost to manage their IT Infrastructure, and alleviating many of the responsibilities currently tasked to their IT staff.

Scope of Work (Karlie)
The goal of this project is to migrate Springfield’s current local IT Infrastructure to web-hosted solutions. The thought is that migrating to web-hosted solutions will provide a more robust learning environment to both students and faculty, while not overwhelming the university’s IT department. This will allow the IT department and staff to focus on more strategic tasks.
For this project, our team is planning to migrate the university’s current software suite to Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 will provide the university with a cost-effective and user friendly web-based solution. Furthermore, Springfield’s local IT team will save time and avoid the potential risks by switching to Office 365. Considering Office 365 is Software as a Service (SaaS), Microsoft will automatically install all of the required software and updates necessary for both students and faculty. This will provide Springfield’s students and faculty the ability to access applications software through their web browser using their Microsoft Office 365 accounts.
Additionally, our team plans to migrate the university’s local file storage to Microsoft’s cloud storage, OneDrive. This will allow students and faculty to have the ability to access their files from any device using their assigned Microsoft Office 365 account. In addition, the team will migrate Springfield’s current mail and calendar server to Microsoft Exchange Server which manages both mail and calendar services. Each student and faculty member will be assigned a school email address, which will grant them access to check their email and calendar using the Microsoft Outlook web-based application.
Finally, a virtual lab will be created utilizing Citrix Cloud services. This lab will consist of customizable virtual machines that can be tailored for students, faculty, and specific courses. Once initially configured, these virtual machines will provide software applications as required by students and faculty. This improvement will enable Springfield’s IT to build fewer instances of images and save time loading those images to each physical machine.

Project Resources (Mike)
Resources that are required in order to complete this project, including personnel, hardware, and software resources, are described within the sections below. Each category of resource contains descriiptions of the items required, along with their anticipated cost estimates.
Team Roles and Responsibilities (Mike)
The roles required by the project are outlined below, along with their responsibilities and the estimated hours required by each role.
Table 1
Roles and Responsibilities
Estimated Hours
Hourly Wage
Project Manager
Responsible for ensuring the project stays within the scope and schedule set by this project plan while also maintaining financials for the project.
480 hours
Product Owner
Acts as a representative of the customer’s needs and manages necessary change requests required by the customer. Interfaces with university representatives.
240 hours
Scrum Master
Ensure the cadence of sprint activities flow smoothly, and assist the rest of the team by resolving any roadblocks.
240 hours
IT Engineer (Exchange Focus)
Responsible for performing the majority of actual migration tasks required by the project. Has a focus primarily on the Exchange/365 migration, but will work on other areas as needed.
480 hours
IT Engineer (Data Focus)
Responsible for performing the majority of actual migration tasks required by the project. Has a focus primarily on the data migration, but will work on other areas as needed.
480 hours
IT Engineer (Citrix Focus)
Responsible for performing the majority of actual migration tasks required by the project. Has a focus primarily on the Citrix Cloud VM creation, but will work on other areas as needed.
480 hours
Security Engineer
Responsible for overseeing the security aspect of the migrations, notably the protection of data during the migration and ensuring that the security posture is set correctly for the cloud services utilized.
480 hours
Test Engineer
Responsible for developing a test plan for all migration tasks, and testing that the migrated data and software sufficiently meets the needs of the customer. Serves as the primary point of contact for updating user help guides.
480 hours
3360 hours

Facility Resources (Mike)
The university cloud migration project does not require any facility use beyond that of the existing IT labs utilized by the university. A majority of these locations may cease use by the completion of the project.
Hardware Resources (Mike)
The migration team requires access to all existing university IT hardware, including file storage servers, exchange servers, and any other hardware utilized to manage current IT infrastructure. In addition, the migration team will require a small amount of additional hardware in order to execute the migration tasks.
Table 2
Hardware resources
Hardware resource
Initial cost
Monthly cost
Team member workstations
Utilized by team members to perform all project activities.
$1000 x 8
Storage drives (10TB)
Utilized to transfer and make redundant copies of current on-premises storage devices.
$300 x 4
Cables and supporting supplies
Miscellaneous small supplies utilized to connect to machines and perform project tasks.
Software Resources and Licenses (Mike)
The migration team requires access to all course-specific software that are required by faculty. Beyond this, the table below indicates the software and associated costs that will need to be acquired for the project.
Table 3
Software resources
Software resource
Initial cost
Monthly cost
Microsoft 365 A1 for Education
Provides exchange access to the university (accounts, email, contacts, calendar), as well as web application access to Microsoft products for users.
Citrix DaaS Standard
Provides multi-user cloud-hosted desktop VM environments for faculty and students. Estimated to only be needed by 25% of the 2000 students concurrently based on course needs.
$6000 ($10 per user, estimated 600 users)
Jira (Free Edition)
Project schedule management tracking of work items.
Financial Resources (Jonas)
– Other anticipated resources (equipment, facilities, monetary investments, etc.)
Submit a comprehensive final project plan, including narrative text, describing the project, scope of work, plans, financials and conclusions, with appropriate MS Excel worksheets and Project scheduling files attached as one professional report for grading. The assignment should be submitted in the project leader’s assignment folder.
Note from Mike: Not sure what exactly this section is supposed to be really, but “monetary investments” and “financials” were both mentioned. Not sure if that’s really two sections, or one. Also some financial aspects are previously noted in other resource sections. Is this section supposed to be the agreement of the university paying the migration team X amount upfront, per month, etc?
Schedule of Internal Deadlines (Brent)
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Project Initiation (1 week?)
Identify and brief stakeholders
Draft formal requirements document
Finalize initial migration design (1 week?)
Migrate local exchange server to Microsoft 365
Determine license needed
Migrate university, faculty, and student data to Microsoft OneDrive
Migrate desktop installation software management to Citrix Cloud VMs
Determine license needed
Project approval (1 week?)
Signed Project Charter from project initiator
Execute Migration (six 2-week sprints?)
Sprint 1 (2 weeks)
Create tasks in the internal team work item management system
Notify all students/staff of migration activities via email
Gather list of help documentation that will need to be updated
365/Exchange migration
Obtain proper Microsoft 365 license
Validate latest hardware backup of exchange server
Configure Microsoft 365 for students and faculty
Data migration
Validate latest hardware backup of file storage drives
Ensure OneDrive access is configured and available by 365 license
Citrix Cloud VMs
Obtain proper Citrix Cloud license
Configure and enable access by Azure AD accounts
Coordinate with faculty to determine the software required on the standard student and faculty VMs
Coordinate with faculty to determine courses that require dedicated VMs
Sprint 2 (2 weeks)
365/Exchange migration
Configure initial active directory accounts for all existing users
Set up distinction in roles between students and faculty
Develop formal 365/Exchange test plan
Data migration
Migrate private global university data to OneDrive
Migrate public global university data to OneDrive
Citrix Cloud VMs
Create base VM based on global requirements of all specific VMs
Configure and verify OneDrive connection from base VM
Configure security posture
Sprint 3 (2 weeks)
365/Exchange migration
Configure security posture
Data migration
Migrate personal data for individual users to OneDrive
Citrix Cloud VMs
Create default student VM
Create default faculty VM
Develop formal Citrix Cloud VM test plan
Sprint 4 (2 weeks)
365/Exchange migration
Update help instructions for use
Data migration
Update help instructions for use
Citrix Cloud VMs
Create course VMs
Sprint 5 (2 weeks)
Data migration
Develop formal OneDrive test plan
Configure security posture
Citrix Cloud VMs
Create course VMs (continued)
Sprint 6 (2 weeks)
365/Exchange migration
Train helpdesk staff
Data migration
Prepare migration of any final data to OneDrive
Train helpdesk staff
Citrix Cloud VMs
Enable VM creation for faculty accounts
Update all upcoming courses to include VM access guide and remove managed links to software.
Train helpdesk staff
Perform acceptance testing (2 weeks?)
Ensure user active directory accounts retain all necessary data after migration (account info, contacts, email, calendar).
Ensure access is granted to all necessary 365 web applications
Ensure new exchange-based activities can be performed on migrated accounts.
Ensure access has been restricted properly to each class of file storage.
Ensure access has been restricted properly to student and faculty VMs.
Ensure VMs each contain the required software
Validate that all components meet the determined security posture
Activate migration (2 days?)
Remove public access to legacy systems
Enable access to migrated systems
Notify stakeholders of completion
Support users post-migration (4 weeks of high traffic, reduced support after?)
Permanently deactivate legacy systems after a period of time (2 days?)
Deactivate licensing for current Microsoft Office installation software
Remove legacy servers from the facility

Analysis of Risks (Sime)

Conclusions (Vanessa)
A bibliography of any literature used to inform decisions.
Ozimek, A. (2020). Future workforce report (SSRN Scholarly Paper No. ID 3787530). Rochester, NY: Social Science Research Network.
Need to make sure this is just supposed to be a bibliography (including sources we used but didn’t necessarily reference) and not an annotated bibliography with literature review-ish details.
Citrix website
Microsoft 365 pricing website
Probably some agile reference(s)
Probably some project management reference(s)
Microsoft 365 Pricing for Education: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/academic/compare-office-365-education-plans?activetab=tab%3aprimaryr1
Exchange Migration to 365: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/mailbox-migration/use-minimal-hybrid-to-quickly-migrate
Data Migration to OneDrive: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepointmigration/fileshare-to-odsp-migration-guide


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